About Dr Lloyd - mobile vet

Dr Adele Lloyd

Dr Lloyd became a veterinarian because it was the best way she could work for the benefit and welfare of animals. She has worked in private practice, as a Shelter veterinarian and has volunteered internationally providing rescues and shelters with much needed veterinary care. 

Dr Lloyd understands that many pets experience mild to extreme anxiety going to a veterinary clinic. This is why she believes mobile vet consults are the  best way for your pet to receive veterinary care when a hospital visit/stay is not necessary.


Dr Lloyd has trained and practiced as a behaviourist and, along with her gentle, compassionate nature, is always focused on making your pet's home vet visits as stress free and calm as possible. 

Home Consultation and Mobile Vet services on the NSW Central Coast

  • Reduced stress for you and your pet.
  • No car travel time for you and your pet.
  • No wait time in clinic waiting rooms.
  • Consult conducted in your pet's familiar surroundings.